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“Retirement is like holding your own funeral while you’re still alive...”

So goes the startling first line of Makiko Uchidate’s best-selling novel, which has now become a major motion picture!

Uchidate is perhaps best known as a prolific screenwriter of numerous hit television shows, including the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) epic period drama series “Mouri Motonari” (1997) and morning drama serial “Hirari” (1992-1993). For her 2015 novel “Owatta Hito,” she expressed the sorrow of a man who comes to the end of his elite corporate career, and captured the imaginations of countless readers.

Hiroshi Tachi stars as protagonist Sosuke Tashiro, who realizes that people regard him as “finished” now that he is retired. Hitomi Kuroki takes on the role of his wife Chigusa, a beautician who cannot bring herself to support her once illustrious and now luster-less husband. Uchidate’s tale is brought to the big screen by director Hideo Nakata, who is renowned for traumatizing Japanese audiences with horror classics such as “Ring” and “Dark Water,” as well as terrifying viewers the world over with “The Ring 2,” the sequel to the Hollywood remake of “Ring.”

For Nakata’s latest film, he takes on the comedy genre for the first time with a touching story full of laughter and tears. The director himself set out to obtain filmmaking rights for the novel after falling in love with its story, saying it was exactly the kind of movie he truly wanted to direct, and the completed feature exhibits his wholehearted passion for the project.

When Sosuke retires, he feels like his life is already over, as if every day is a holiday. He feels an urgent need to continue working and avoid accepting a premature end, so he sets about building a second career. As he struggles, flounders, and battles to find a new path, he makes various new connections. Sosuke’s endeavors and his complicated relationship with Chigusa are depicted with recognizable realism, as Nakata gives new life to Uchidate’s bestselling novel.

Look forward to this heartwarming quality comedy and profoundly flavorful drama for grown-ups!


Sosuke Tashiro is on an elite career course at a major bank, until he is transferred - or rather relegated - to a subsidiary company, where he reaches retirement age. After decades of single-minded dedication to his work, he finds himself at a loss.

Days pass with nothing for him to do, and time goes by at a snail’s pace... Sensing that this is no way to grow old, Sosuke starts visiting a sports gym to get back in shape, and tries to kill time at a local library. However, when he looks around, all he sees are other aging people whose lives have also “finished”... Eventually, he begins to complain to his busy beautician wife Chigusa, causing the distance between them to grow even further.

“I don’t want my life to end like this.” Sosuke picks up the courage to look for work at a nearby job center, but his glittering academic background and impressive resume get in the way, and he has little luck. Worst of all, his wife and daughter mock him, suggesting that he should find himself a girlfriend...

Sosuke considers going to graduate school to study literature. He stops by an adult education school where he becomes acquainted with a certain woman, and senses the possibility of romance... Then he meets the president of an IT company at the sports gym, setting Sosuke’s destiny in motion once more...

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