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“We just want to say goodbye to our virginity!”
The renowned comic for adolescents has been finally adopted into a movie.
A comedic rhapsody of three man’, who stand up to lose their virginity, now begins!

The original comic, “Cherry Boys” was written by the Tomohiro Koizumi in 2001. All of his previous works were filled with portraits of troubled and painful souls of adolescents. His original perception and portrayal were enthusiastically received by the public. “Cherry Boys” has been widely recognized as “the Mount Everest” of “virginity-loss type of manga”, but considered that it would be impossible to adopt into a movie.

These nerdy but lovable characters include Kento Hayashi, who has starred in numerous worldly-acclaimed films such as “The Miracles of the Namiya General Store” and “High & Low The Movie”. His ability to play a variety of roles has been praised by both the public and critics. Shuntaro Yanagi, who appeared in recent popular movies like “Tokyo Ghoul” and “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”, plays the role of Tatsuya Yoshida. Tomoya Maeno, who’s known for his unique acting, plays the role of Makoto Takasugi, appearing in current morning TV series as well as commercials.

These young talented actors demonstrate sad, laughable yet sympathetic adolescent characters. On the the other hand, Elaiza Ikeda plays the role of Fueko Shaku, “a princess” for the three boys. She starred in romantic comedies in the past; however, she challenged for a rather controversial role in this film, and demonstrated her ability as an actress.

The script was written by Daigo Matsui, who directed films including “Japanese Girls Never Dies”, “Ice Cream and the Sound of Raindrops”. “You, Your, Yours” starring Sosuke Ikematsu and Kkobbi Kim is expected to be released soon. Based on Matsui’s script, Kenichiro Nishiumi made his debut as the director of the film. Nishiumi has long studied the art of cinema under directors as Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Yojiro Takita, Tetsuo Shinohara, Shunichi Nagasaki and Takashi Miike.


The trio is led by Shinichi Kunimori, also known as “Cunni”, is a failed but pretentious musician. Tatsuya Yoshimura, called “Nipple”, is good-looking, but he has an inferiority complex over the shape of his nipples. And a typical nerd, Makoto Takasugi is nicknamed as “Cowper”. Now, they are all 25 years old and still virgin. These “losers” finally stand up to change their lives.

Few weeks ago, Cunni ran into Nipple and Cowper, his friends from childhood, but they had not seen them each other for four years. Cunni left his home to pursue his dreams to form a band in Tokyo, but returned his hometown doing nothing. Hideo Nakaide, nicknamed as “Putin”, is keep bullying the three because of their virginity.

In order to overcome their current situations and more importantly to lose their virginity, Cunni comes up with an unbelievable plan-to sexually abuse a horny girl! Their target is Fueko, who is working in a dentist and rumored that she used to work at a brothel.

Gradually, Cunni starts falling in love with Fueko. As he is assisting his father’s liquor store, the two become closer, and Fueko even makes dinner for him. Cowper is excited about upcoming birthday of an adorable co-worker, Setsuko, while Nipple could finally resist Putin, who threatens Nipple to have a sex with Putin’s girlfriend.

Something is changing among those three. Would their plan to lose their virginity succeed?

(113 min.)

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