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Toei Movie Studios

Toei Movie Studios (TMS) is one of the largest-in-Japan film-production bases where about 40 movies, 150 TV programs, and 150 TV commercials annually are produced. You can see images born here every day as long as you have a normal life. In 2010, Toei Digital Center was newly established and has attracted attention even from overseas as an internationally unusual base for both the latest digital technologies and established analog techniques. “You can do anything you want to at TMS.” – While removing the walls between Japan and the world via networking and making use of the advantage of being able to use the facilities we have here, TMS will continue to grow.


Toei Digital Center

Toei Digital Center is the name of a new post-production building established within TMS, and refers entirely to the digital post-production services provided collaboratively by Toei Labo Tech, one of our group companies, and Toei . The Toei Group will more actively lead the business of video production, which will be more and more sophisticated, diversified, and higher in image quality.

* Post-production business
The processes of post-production after shooting until the completion of production are conducted in one place. At the one-stop facility with no parallel in the world, we are pursuing next-generation workflows, quality, and streamlining.

* Zukun Lab
Zukun Lab (deriving from “zukunft,” which means “future” in German) is creating the next-generation trends in video production, which is changing every minute along with the advances in technology.



This Tokyo studios site, which is wider than 710,000 square feet, also has OZ Studio City with Toei Animation Studio and T-Joy Oizumi (cinema complex), and commercial facilities (such as Livin OZ Oizumi), and therefore is spotlighted as a “district” where many people work.

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