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Broadcast and videogram rights

Now that we have entered the age of multimedia and multichannel broadcasting, we provide rich content owned by the Toei Group (such as movies released in theaters, TV productions, anime, and Toei Video Cinemas) to Toei Channel, a CS broadcasting station of the Group, and various broadcast media all over Japan (e.g. terrestrial, BS, CS broadcastings and CATV) by planning and setting contact points for selling broadcast rights. In addition, we grant the videogram (DVD) rights for content to Toei Video Co., Ltd., one of our group companies, and other packaged-video makers as well.



We manage all copyrights and marketing of characters planned and produced by us. In particular, the characters from the Kamen Rider series and Super Sentai series are commoditized for toys, apparel, everyday items, food products, stationeries, publications, CDs, DVDs, and games, as well as being used as TV commercial characters and in TV campaigns, thus generating significant profits.

Other active character businesses include character shows and live music shows, exporting since 1993 the Power Rangers series and Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, and producing movie versions of TV series and DVDs.

Additionally, we are expanding the range of merchandising and related businesses through the operation of, an online shopping website, planning and producing related products, and our efforts in the music business. We also are widely deploying businesses for theatrical movies, granting publishing rights to related books and other publications, and providing the commoditizing rights for toys, stationery, everyday items, food products, play equipment, and theme parks.


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