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COMPANY PROFILE:Message from the President

President MESSAGE

We provide the greatest entertainment to everyone

Yusuke Okada President and Chief Executive Officer

Toei Company Ltd., since its foundation in 1951, has been supported by a broad range of fans for over half a century. The company focuses on providing high quality, comprehensive entertainment through the production of theatrical movies, TV dramas, direct-to-video productions, and anime, as well as a diverse range of businesses based on film production. The source of the corporate group's value literally lies in continuing to produce good content for everyone.

Nowadays, the environment surrounding the movie industry is facing a significant change such as spread of digital screenings in theaters,
the shift to digital broadcast and rise of BS/CS broadcast on television, and so on.
In order to adjust to and survive in the market, TOEI COMPANY has succeeded in establishing the system to digitalize all the process of the movie business 100% from the movie production to the movie exhibition.

TOEI DIGITAL CENTER, that was established in order to enrich the post production in the digital era, and T-JOY, our cinema complex operator that has achieved 100% digitalization of its movie projection, have contributed to establish our digital system.

We will forever continue to grow with the mission of providing a variety of content that is enjoyed by people all over the world.

Noriyuki Tada
President and Chief Executive Officer



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