Top Commitment

"Fill the world with stories that bring people joy" as our mission

With "Fill the world with stories that bring people joy" as our mission, we aim to achieve sustainable growth while contributing to a sustainable society through our business activities.

Our visual content productions convey various messages to society and, at times, even change viewers' lives. Our mission is to enrich people’s hearts around the world with stories and to help realize a sustainable society using that enrichment.

On the other hand, the film production sector has faced criticism for problems such as long working hours and harassment. To ensure a respectful working environment, we always conduct training sessions on respect before beginning film production. The film Kamen Rider Geats: 4 Aces and the Black Fox released in 2023 was managed according to the guidelines of EITEKI (Tentative Name/Japan Film Production Optimization Organization), which debuted in April of the same year. It was the first film to be officially recognized under these guidelines. Starting in 2024, we have been fully implementing a full-scale virtual production system which enables us to systematically schedule and shorten the production process, thus managing production time more appropriately.

We believe it is important to accept and recognize each other so that everyone who involved in our business can be healthy and happy, not only in production but also in other operations. We believe it will lead to a prosperous and sustainable world and our continued growth.