Disclosure Policy

When using IR information

The IR information posted on this website is intended to provide financial information, management indicators, etc. of Toei Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, the Company), but does not give any statement or warranty about the contents.

Basic policy of information disclosure

We will strive to improve the transparency of management and the trust of society by continuously conducting fair, timely and appropriate information disclosure to stakeholders, including shareholders and investors. In addition, we will listen to the expectations, opinions, and feedback from the stakeholders, and reflect it in corporate activities as needed.

Information disclosure standards

We will disclose information according to relevant laws such as the Companies Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, and the provisions of the timely disclosure specified by the stock exchange listed by the Company. We will actively disclose information that are considered necessary for investment decisions for shareholders and investors, even for information that does not fall under relevant laws and timely disclosure regulations.

How to disclose information

The Company is an electronic disclosure system "EDINET" for disclosure documents, such as securities reports, etc. based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law provided by the Financial Services Agency, or "TDNET", a timely disclosure information transmission system provided by a stock exchange, and our Internet homepage. We will disclose information.

Promotion of IR activities

We are actively conducting dialogue with domestic and overseas institutional investors and analysts, including shareholders, in close cooperation with multiple related departments. At the financial results briefing, we have an opportunity to answer questions from investors and analysts in addition to communicating a clear message about management strategies and business policies. And the status of IR activities and the main opinions from the capital market are regularly provided to management. In addition, important disclosure information such as the announcement of financial results is disclosed in English from the viewpoint of fair and timely information disclosure.

Prevention of insider trading

In addition to stipulating the "Insider Transaction Prevention Regulations", the thorough management of internal education, the proper management of internal information, and the proper management and operation of stocks, etc., the internal trading, information transaction and recommendation recommendation. We have prevented suspected acts.

Silence period

In order to prevent the leakage of financial results information and ensure legal compliance and fairness, the Company will determine the "silence period" from the next day of each quarter to the date of announcement.
During this period, we will refrain from answering questions related to business performance. However, if the performance may be greatly diverged from the forecast, we will disclose it appropriately according to various regulations on timely disclosure.