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Global marketing

Toei sells the rights to theatrical movies, TV films, educational films, and other productions managed by us to foreign countries. And as a part of our marketing activities, we have actively participated in international film festivals and international imaging-industry fairs. Battle Royale was exported and released in 80 countries, and TV superhero programs from the Super Sentai Series and Kamen Rider series were broadcast under different names, such as Power Rangers. We are also focusing on live shows in foreign countries. Thus, our goal is to provide comprehensive character businesses combining broadcasting, packaging, and commoditizing. As for inward businesses, we sell 20th Century Fox and other companies’ films to TV stations in Japan, and import and distribute foreign theatrical movies such as the Man from Nowhere and 1911.



Our event business boasts the best performance in the industry and aims to be more international.

Based on our well-established expertise in planning and production and expanding nationwide sales network, we sponsor a variety of different events of every size from the planning of theme parks, amusement parks, and facilities and events featuring popular characters to international cultural exchanges and local revitalization projects, creating unique and new spaces on diverse themes. In addition, we are actively engaged in producing and selling movie goods, as well as planning and conducting corporate publicity events. This section operates as many as 10,000 events and promotions a year, which is literally the number one share in the industry, and aims at making great steps and leaps forward as the software business section of Toei.

* Exhibition business

Through international cultural exchanges, we introduce treasury collections of famous art galleries and museums all around the world and world heritages to art galleries and museums nationwide.

* Culture business

In department stores, art galleries, museums, and event sites nationwide, we operate subculture exhibitions and natural science events for families.

* Character business

Using the character copyrights we have obtained, we organize events, including character shows, floor events, and concerts.

* Commodity business

We plan, develop, produce, and sell theatrical movie goods and event-related products. We are also focusing on mail-order sales via the Internet.

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