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Fill the world with stories that bring people joy
President & Chief Executive Officer

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support and understanding of Toei Company, Ltd. and the Toei Group.

For more than 70 years since our foundation in 1951, we have continued to engage in film production — the creation of stories — in a consistent manner while responding flexibly to any changes in society and the emergence of any new media, with the support of a wide range of fans.
Why do we continue to create stories?
Because in every era, people have needed stories as nourishment for the mind to give them pleasure and hope, just as they need food, clothing, and shelter, and we want to provide people with these stories.

To date, the Toei Group has created over 4,400 theatrical films, over 39,000 television show episodes, and over 600 episodes of video streaming programs.
We have planned and produced these diverse and appealing pieces of visual content ourselves. Further, as the holder of the intellectual property rights related to them, we have expanded the use of this content in multiple ways, from movie theaters to television, streaming, DVD/Blu-ray, merchandising, games, events, and stage performances, enabling them to be enjoyed by many people.

We have many visual content production facilities, including Tokyo Studios and Kyoto Studios for live action filming, Toei Animation Co., Ltd. for the production of animated content, the Toei Digital Center and Toei Labo Tech Co., Ltd. for post-production, and the Toei Zukun Laboratory for the development of state-of-the-art screen technologies. Regarding our visual content sales channels, we deliver content via our own media outlets in addition to the movie theaters operated by T-Joy Co., Ltd.
Furthermore, we have developed the character copyright business, events developed from our visual content, and even cultural exhibits, providing them to fans via multiple channels.

In these ways, we continue to provide visual content to fans by planning and producing content ourselves and expanding their use to multiple channels.
We believe this business model of the Toei Group is our unique strength, something that no other company has.

- Fill the world with stories that bring people joy -
We believe that our mission is to leverage our strengths through corporate activities in order to deliver stories that nourish the mind to the world, thus enriching the world with joy and hope.

To the World, To the Future — To be a company that colors the world and the future with the power of our stories —

In February 2023, we announced TOEI NEW WAVE 2033, the Toei Group's Medium- to Long-Term Vision, which describes our vision for the coming ten years.
The slogan of the vision is To the World, To the Future — To be a company that colors the world and the future with the power of our stories —The stories that captivated us as children stay with us over the years and continue to tug at our hearts, and we believe that these exciting stories should be shared not only in Japan but around the world.

With a growth strategy of strengthening the live action and animated video businesses and achieving their global expansion, we aim to be a company that by 2033, ten years from now, creates and delivers many pieces of content that are loved all around the world.
To achieve this goal, we have established the following four key strategies.

Maximizing visual content business revenue

As an initiative to strengthen our planning and production capabilities, we will produce two major titles every year, one each at Tokyo Studios and Kyoto Studios, with the goal of earning at least 3 billion yen in domestic box office revenue. We will also create ambitious titles aimed at developing young creators and take an aggressive approach to overseas film festivals. For these purposes, we are committed to the creation of efficient organizations and collaborations with partners both in and outside Japan. Regarding state-of-the-art technologies, we will focus our efforts on the realization of practical applications for digital humans at Toei Zukun Laboratory and for virtual studios at Tokyo Studios, to establish new methods for producing visual content.
We will also proactively develop new channels, including the metaverse and overseas streaming, thus driving our expansion of the multiple uses of our content in Japan and overseas. We will also work to extend the life cycle of intellectual properties and leverage a large number of titles in a multi-layered manner in our efforts to maximize revenue from the visual content business.

Accelerate global rollout of content

Titles from the Toei Group have been exported overseas and loved by many people, including the animated Dragon Ball and One Piece series and the live action Power Rangers series.
While Japanese animation has established a great reputation internationally, Japan's visual content industry still has only a very small share of the global market. We believe that Japanese animation, live action titles, and content featuring Japanese tokusatsu special effects, still have plenty of potential for growth. Moving forward, we will strengthen efforts to fill the world with stories that bring people joy by collaborating with production companies and creators from all over the world, aiming to increase our overseas sales ratio to 50% by 2033.

Increase human capital to strengthen the visual content business

It is human resources who hold the key to our capabilities of planning and producing content and expanding them to multiple uses, with which we continue to deliver stories that bring people joy in Japan and other countries.
We will strengthen the capabilities of all of our human resources and leverage their diversity. We will make the company a comfortable workplace that ensures job satisfaction, aiming to achieve the continued growth of the Toei Group.
Specifically, we will strive to improve our workplace environment by working sincerely on measures such as the improvement of production sites and other work environments, the elimination of harassment, and efforts to embrace diversity and inclusion.

Reinforcing the management foundations that support sustainable challenges and growth

Investment in production equipment is an essential part of supporting production infrastructure. We also believe that it is important to invest in real estate, which is expected to provide stable revenue, because of the highly volatile nature of the visual content business, where there are huge gaps between the revenue of hits and non-hits.
Furthermore, to strengthen corporate governance, we transitioned to a company with an Audit and Supervisory Committee and introduced a performance-based stock remuneration system for directors, etc. in June 2022. In January 2023, we established the voluntary Nomination and Compensation Committee, another initiative in our continued strengthening of corporate governance.
We will also identify and address material issues as we believe that the establishment of a sustainable society is essential for the increase of the Group's medium- to long-term corporate value.
Regarding our capital and financial strategy, we plan to invest a total of 300 billion yen (240 billion yen in content production and 60 billion yen to reinforce business foundations) in our growth over the next ten years.

Toei's opening logo, Araiso to Nami (rocky shore and waves) shows waves crashing onto the rocks. For more than 70 years, we have been delivering stories to fans by overcoming diffculties like those waves, no matter what may be taking place in the world.
And now, we feel that times have changed once again, and it is time for us to change with it. We will continue to strive to provide the stories that bring people joy to fans all over the world as we move toward 2033, the target year of the plan.
In these activities, we sincerely appreciate the continued support of our fans, shareholders, and other stakeholders.

President & Chief Executive Officer Profile

Born in Kagoshima prefecture.
After graduation from Ritsumeikan University, He entered into Toei Company, Ltd. in 1988, and successively held the positions of Senior Director of Content Business and Senior Director of Production, Content Business.

2020 Managing Director, Home Entertainment
2021 Executive Managing Director
2022 Deputy Head of Film and Video Division
2023 President and Chief Executive Officer