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☆ Completion: February 2011
☆ Japanese release: April 30, 2011


浅野忠信(Tadanobu Asano)…Zatoich, The Summit, Mongol
堀北真希(Maki Horikita)…Into the White Night, Memoirs of A Teenage Amnesiac
阿部力(Tsuyoshi Abe aka.李冬冬)…Boys over Flowers, Zebraman2: Attack on Zebra City
木村多江(Tae Kimura)…All Around Us, Zero Focus
佐藤浩一(Koichi Sato)…The Magic Hour, Sukiyaki Western Django


Director: 佐藤英明(Hideaki Sato)
Screenplay: 君塚良一(Ryoichi Kimizuka)…Bayside Shakedown, Nobody to Watch over Me


Fujio Akatsuka, not just a genius but a crazy genius!!
Waltzing to a "ta-de-da-de-dah♪," comes a major motion picture!
Fujio Akatsuka was the indisputable king of funny cartoons. All Japanese know his cartoons, Osomatsu-kun, Akko-chan, Moretsu A-Taro, Bakabon and more!
People call him a genius whereas he called himself a fool.
Akatsuka publicly stated, "It's much harder to be a fool than a genius." In real life, he  was far crazier than all his crazy cartoon characters combined. His life was devoted to his pursuit of "something funny" and in true consistency, his life was funnier than any funny cartoon he created!
There was a magazine editor who helped Akatsuka realize his potential. Toshiki Takei is his name and he was a celebrated star editor. His first assignment at Shogakukan publishing house was as Akatsuka's editor. Akatsuka's crazy lifestyle upturned Takei's life...until Takei learned to love the madness and became Akatsuka's indispensible creative partner. Akatsuka's love for Takei was expressed in a cameo caricature in Rettsura gon, a cartoon that Akatsuka professed he was born to draw. Takei wrote about his 35 years with the crazy genius in a memoir, I Wrote About Fujio Akatsuka!, revealing Fujio Akatsuka as he knew him. Now the memoir is a major motion picture!
Tadanobu Asano, Japan's best known character actor today, screams, "Sh-ayyyy!" in his portrayal of Fujio Akatsuka, the mad genius. The movie counterpart of Toshiki Takei, Akatsuka's editor/partner, had a slight makeover---to a woman. Beautiful Maki Horikita plays the wacky editor. The film brings you a colorful cast of supporting actors; Tsuyoshi Abe, Tae Kimura, Ayumi Ishida, Koichi Sato, Masahiro Sato and Yoshiaki Umegaki. Also featured are Akatsuka's famous cartoon characters!
Ryoichi Kimizuka, the screenwriter of the Bayside Shakedown trilogy, wrote the film's screenplay. At the helm is Hideaki Sato, who has graduated from his Assistant Director status for his first feature. He assisted Junji Sakamoto, Yoshimitsu Morita, Masahiko Makino, Ryoichi Kimizuka and the likes.

The origin of Japanese funny cartoons. The real Fujio Akatsuka seen through the eyes of his editor. The screwy life of the mad genius cartoonist. Everything started when the cartoonist met the editor. Their life together was crazier than the craziest cartoon!
As the genius said, "That’s the way!"


When you're in trouble, don't waste your time questioning the meaning of life. What you need is...Ta-de-da-de-dah♪♪ Yes, just clear your head of thoughts!!!
In 1967, a publishing house, Shogakukan, is having a formal ceremony to welcome its new employees. An inappropriately attired man walks in and announces, "The wait is over! Me just returned from Paris, the city of lights!" The man in a bright purple suit and a fake set of buck teeth introduces himself. It's Fujio Akatsuka (played by Tadanobu Asano), a superstar cartoonist for Weekly Sunday magazine, disguised as Iya-me, one of his creations. "Me has only one thing to tell ye. Don't be afraid to be a fool!" And he strikes the pose he made famous with his Iya-me character; One arm held up high, the other on his chest, one leg kicked up while the other's bent at the knee, he screams, "Sh-ayyyy!" And when he strikes the pose, everyone at the ceremony does the same, "Sh-ayyyy!" Except for one. She is Hatsumi Takeda (played by Maki Horikita). Akatsuka spots her and runs over. He tries to make her stand in the pose... "Leave me alone!" Takeda reacts with a fist - in his face. Little do they know that their shocking first encounter will change the course of the entire nation! It's a battle between a hot-blooded editor and a crazy genius cartoonist.
"Purr-don me, sir, but I refuse to act the fool!!!"

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