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Ten years into the series, the truth is finally unveiled!


Aired from the year 2000, the PARTNERS series welcomed the 10h anniversary in June, 2010.  In 2008, PARTNERS: THE MOVIE was released at the theaters.  Engrossing 4.4 billion yen and collecting an audience of 3.7 million, the film marked the No. 1 position in the first half of that year.  In spring the following year, the spin-off movie, CSI FILES hit the theaters.  Thus PARTNERS also secured its position among movie-goers as well as in the film industry.  In the winter of 2010, PARTNERS: THE MOVIE II will return in full power for the Christmas-New Year season.

The screenwriters are Yasuhiro Koshimizu and Masashi Todayama.  PARTNERS is Koshimizu’s brain child, and Todayama led PARTNERS: THE MOVIE to top engrossing.  In the director’s chair is Seiji Izumi, well known for his stylish and fast tempo presentation.  In addition to Yutaka Mizutani and Mitsuhiro Oikawa, playing the spotlighted partners, the popular supporting cast, including Ittoku Kishibe, all appear to satisfy the PARTNERS fans.  And in PARTNERS: THE MOVIE II, such illustrious and veteran talents as Manami Konishi, Yukiyoshi Ozawa, Ken Utsui and Jun Kunimura make their guest appearances.  With such elements, PARTNERS: THE MOVIE II is guaranteed to become a hit.


At the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Headquarters, the core of the Japanese Police, an unprecedented hostage situation in the history of MPD breaks out.  The hostages are 12 top executives of the MPD: Superintendent-General Tamaru, Deputy Supt-Gen Hasegawa and bureau chiefs.  The conference room, where the perpetrator and the executives are held hostage, is completely surrounded by Riot Police Squad and Special Investigation Team (SIT).  The perpetrator’s motives are unknown and he makes no demands.

Meanwhile, two gunshots echo from the conference room.  Ignoring Sugishita’s strong opposition, Nakazono orders Riot Squad and SIT to storm the conference room.  What they find there is Yaegashi, shot and dead.  Gunpowder residue is found on all the hostages, but who fired the gun?  This cannot be determined.  While released from captivity, all 12 hostages become suspects.
In response to Supervisor Okouchi’s questioning, all the hostages give ambivalent testimonies that the gun went off while they struggled to neutralize the perpetrator, and that they do not know who pulled the trigger.  Concerning Yaegashi’s demands, all remain silent.  Becoming strongly suspicious of this, Sugishita and Kanbe gains cooperation of Chief Kakuta and others, and undertake their own question of the executives, who were taken hostage.

On the other hand, receiving the report of the hostage case, National Police Agency Director Onoda, along with National Police Agency Commissioner Kaneko, begins to make disturbing moves.

The truth is gradually unveiled.  And this truth concerned a monstrous case in which Yaegashi and Asahina were both involved in.

(119 min.)


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